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Local Atractions



The Cave of Algar da Pena

The Cave of Algar Pena is a candidate to 7 Wonders of Portugal as a result of the application submitted by the city of Santarem.

It is located in the deep karst of the Natural Park of “Serra D'Aires and Candeeiros”, in the parish of Alcanede, municipality of Santarém, and it is the right place to observe the nature in a unique splendor.


The Wonder of Nature was accidentally discovered in 1983, during a stone extraction, and currently is the largest known room cavity in the country and is composed of a vertical shaft 35 meters deep that leads to a huge room of 105,000 cubic meters.


At the site is installed an Interpretation Center Underground, one of the best places to understand the secrets of the caves, the mechanisms of the water underground movement and the dangers that this environment is subject.


Inside, the view expands into a vast subterranean landscape in ways as varied as unusual by the enormous abundance of concretions - stalactites and stalagmites.


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Monuments and Religion


Santarém is particularly rich in these areas. Listed below are just some of the best known but there is much more to see. Whether the Hotel reception or the tourist offices of the City will be available to provide additional information:


• Grace Church (with the biggest Rosacea of Portugal)


• Cathedral of Santarém


• The Cultural Brazil's House


• Archaeological Museum of St. John Alporão


• The Tower of Gourds


• The Church of Mercy


• Shrine of the Miracle


• St. Nicholas Church


• Fonte das Figueiras (Figueiras Fountain)

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Historical and Typical

Avieiras Villages (Caneira, Palhota, Cuckoo and Beech)

Along the Rio Tejo one can find several Avieiras Villages. These consist of small groups of buildings of wood suspended over the water, better known as building houses on stilts. Worked (and some still work) as dwellings of fishermen, farmers in the area formerly Praia da Vieira, who moved here to find a better livelihood.


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The Santarém Castel and Jardim das Portas do Sol (Sun Doors Gardens)

The city of Santarem was taken from the Moors by D. Afonso Henriques in March 15, 1147. The walls of the castle so that remain, surrounding what is now known as Jardim das Portas do Sol.


Considered the living room of the city of Santarém, the Garden has works of rehabilitation and recovery that were fundamental objectives of the current interpretation of the site, based on memory and history of the City, providing the public a unique leisure area, enhancing the scenic and cultural meanings that are the added value of the site.


There have been created the necessary conditions for passive recreation (contemplation, reading, stay and rest) and active recreation (equipment for children and youth) and the enhancement of the history of the place and the city, through the creation of the Interpretation Centre of the urban evolution of Santarém.


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Santarém is traditionally a region of Wild Bulls and Bullfighters. There is a Bullring in the City where take place several shows during the bullfighting season.


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